Subject: Re: Intermittent inability to boot
To: Scott M. Blackman <>
From: Brad Salai <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 02/07/1997 17:42:34
I see the same behavior on a macII running the colorkit.

I seldom reboot, but when I do, I may have to try 5 or 6 times before I

There is no obvious difference between the times booting fails and
succeeds, I make no changes, it just eventually works.


>I have successfully installed MacBSD 1.2, GENERIC-9 kernel, on my
>Powerbook 160 with 4MB RAM, 40MB SCSI hd, and serial console, of course.
>Things are working just fine except for this:
>Intermittently the boot process stops after mounting root, and says it
>ran out of memory:
>...normal bootup
>root on sd1a swap on sd1b
>sd1: mode sense (4) returned nonsense; using fictitious geometry
>panic: allocbuf: buffer larger than MAXBSIZE requested
>Stopped at _Debugger +0x6: unlk  a6
>at which point I either hit "c" or "call boot" to give up.
>This seems to be independent of the memory I allocate to the Booter 1.9.4.
>I'm running System 7.1 from the Disk Tools disk and Booter 1.9.4 renamed to
>"Finder" (change type to FNDR/MACS) to save memory during bootup.
>I was bearing with it, but recently it's doing it every time and I can't
>get into MacBSD.  Any suggestions???
keep trying, if my experience is any guide, it will work eventually.


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