Subject: Re: Booting MacBSD problem
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael Robinson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/31/1997 19:04:47
In response to my question,

> the Booter boots into NetBSD without error messages, gets as far as
>the white screen with black type that says, Bootstrapping NETBSD/mac68k...
>Bootstrapping the pmap system. pmap bootstrapped......
>Copyright...Regents of...etc...
>Then my screen freezes...

Bill Studenmund ( writes:

>Hmm. Here's something which should probably be put on the "what to do"
>list. If the last message is about the PRAM time, MacOS boottime &
>such, then you probably forgot to build devices (or did a re-install
>after having built them). You can do it in the installer.

Umm..yea, I did a reinstall after having built devices. How did you know?
Are you a mind reader? :-)  I guess this is not a good thing to do. hmmm...

Olivier Boudry ( advises:

>The hard drive or the accelerator card should cause some problems too. I
>had to install NetBSD on a Zip disk, because my internal HD doesnt work
>with it. I get plenty of io errors and my system is corrupted after the
>first boot (if even it boots).

I hope not! I don't want to be restricted to a zip drive. I want to use my
Quantum 840 and I'd really like to use the 30mhz Daystar processor with FPU
instead of the pokey old IIsi 20mhz processor sans FPU.

I'll try reinstalling the whole enchilada, from re-initializing the HD on.
(I'm getting good at it now :-) and see what that does. I'll let you all
know. Great people on this list.

On another note; I'm using APS PowerTools 4.0.7 to partition my drive. I
have been setting the partitions by hand with the MacOS as the start drive.
When I set up the drive again automatically I got th option to make A/UX
partition the system drive with the MacOS as an extra drive. Is this
necessary for MacBSD? I didn't see mention of it in the FAQs.

One more thing:
Does it matter if I choose "Classic Networking" or Open Transport?

Thanks again,
Michael Robinson
Medford, Oregon USA