Subject: Booting MacBSD problem
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Michael Robinson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/31/1997 06:27:57
Thanks to the help I received from this list, I managed to get MacBSD
installed on my IIsi. Now I'm not sure if I'm having a probelm when I try
to boot up. I seem to be almost there! I followd all the FAQ's ans when I
run the Booter it boots into NetBSD without error messages, gets as far as
the white screen with black type that says, Bootstrapping
NETBSD/mac68k..blah, blah..Bootstrapping the pmap system. pmap
bootstrapped..blah, blah...Copyright...Regents of...etc.

That's it.
I have a black cursor box but it's frozen. I can't type anything, nothing
more happens. Everything has worked so well up to this point.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'veread the NetBSD/Mac68k Booter version
1.9.4 FAQ but it lists error messages to look for. It doesn't say anything
about making it through the booting process but then hanging. I've also
read the Installation FAQ, especially part 3.8, "NetBSD/mak68k doesn't boot
on my machine. It hangs. What do I do?" and verified the checklist.

IIsi, 17 mb ram
Daystar accelerator - universal '030, 30 mhz with fpu
                (for which I need to run the control panel Power Central.
840 mb hard drive partitioned as MacOs 340mb, A/UX Root& Usr Slice0 420mb,
Swap 70mb.
MacOS 7.5.5, no extra extensions except Power Central
and FWB's CD-Rom Toolkit 1.6.1.
NetBSD/Mac68k Booter 1.9.4

Michael Robinson
Medford, Oregon USA