Subject: Re: Problems during test booting
To: Brian N. Pacula <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 11/25/1996 21:07:28
> I got the Booter to execute a MacOS-side kernel, the screen goes white,
> cryptic messages zip by, the last one being "mgr: setup_egret: unexpected
> trap; vector offset 0xa from 0xa0210" before it freezes. I never get to
> a "changing root device to <whatever it is>" message. During the booting,
> all my extensions were off, and monitor was set to 1-bit. I have a couple
> questions:
> 1) Help?

Sounds like you are dying in the mrg (Mac ROM's Glue) code, probably in 
the ADB code, but I'm not really sure.

> 2) Is this unexpected trap thing something I can fix? What does it mean?

Try booting with a serial console if you can.

> 3) Can NetBSD run off a Performa 631CD with 8 MB RAM?

What kind of hard drive does it have?  IDE or SCSI?  We somewhat support 
SCSI at the moment on the '040-based Macs; we don't support IDE drives 
yet (unless someone has whipped up a driver recently ;-)


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