Subject: Re: talk...
To: The Great Mr. Kurtz \[David A. Gatwood\] <davagatw@Mars.utm.edU>
From: Alex Ardalich <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/31/1996 16:48:34
At 5:04 AM +0930 25/10/96, The Great Mr. Kurtz [David A. Gatwood] wrote:
>On Wed, 23 Oct 1996, Mack Nagashima wrote:
>> 	I'm having problems with my talk program...  i'm hooked up via
>> ppp and when i use talk i can't talk to anyone outside my system...
>> talking to other users on my box is ok...but wen i try to talk other
>> systems it keeps checking for invitations on caller's machine and never
>> establishes any connection...although if someone from outside my system
>> talk-requests someone on my system the announcement gets through....but i
>> can't respond because it keeps checking for invitation..i'm using the 1.2
>> binaries...with the GENERIC kernel..    so..what am i dong wrong?!  THanx
>> for the helpp :)
>I have an almost identical problem with ytalk under MkLinux.  It's
>probably related, all things considered.  Ideas, anyone?  (Note, the same
>version of ytalk works perfectly from a Sun SPARCstation, minus the
>patches to read my domain name from an enviromnet variable so ppl can
>talk back.  Oh, BTW, the talkd at the receiving site may check your
>domain name for validity?)

I think so...

I fixed this by checking what domain the ISP gave me and setting the
hostname to it.

Pain having to do it every time you log into a dynamic PPP, but it works.


Alex Ardalich
Adelaide, South Australia