Subject: Re: booter
To: alex <>
From: None <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/25/1996 08:40:48
Thus spake alex:
>  I 'm having trouble to  boot a kernel from the  mac os directory instead
> of netbsd /mac directory   to test the netbsd.intvidtest

Could you be more specific.  I had a wonderful experience on my Mac II playing
with the new grftest kernel.  I installed it under netbsd and did a reboot.
The booter promptly began quitting with an error code 25.  I used the
isntaller to move in the old kernel which now refuses to boot and the booter
believes its corrupt.  I actually haven't solved the problem at all and can't
quite fathom why it would od this, but *shrug*

Booting from the MacOS: make sure the booter is configured correctly and leave
the kernel in the root directory of your hard drive.  What version of the
Botter are you running? Last I heard, this feature was working.


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