Subject: Re: Centris vs. Quadra 610
To: Colin Wood <>
From: John P. Wittkoski <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/21/1996 10:56:46
Colin Wood wrote:
> Is there any reason why the ADB would be different on the Centris vs. the
> Quadra 610?  Also, does anyone know if onboard or nubus video works on
> either of these machines?

The Centris 610 and Quadra 610 have the same ADB type. Attached
below is my list of what machines use what ADB format/chip.

Now, if you are talking about the ADB vectors in the ROMs, I'm
not sure whether those are the same. My understanding from reading
the Hardware Notes from Apple is that the Quadra 610 and Centris
610 vary only in the case type, 040 vs. LC040, and clock speed.


Model                           Type
SE/30                           II
II                              II
IIx                             II
IIcx                            II
IIci                            II
IIfx                            unknown
IIsi                            IIsi
IIvi                            IIsi
IIvx                            IIsi
Performa 600                    IIsi
ClassicII/Performa 200          IIsi
Color Classic                   IIsi
Color Classic II                IIsi??
LCII/Performa 400/405/430       IIsi
LCIII/Performa 450              IIsi
LC520/Performa 550              Cuda
LC550                           unknown
LC575/Performa 575/577/578      Cuda
LC630/Performa 630              Cuda
Performa 640-DOS                unknown
Performa 460/465/467            IIsi
Centris 610                     II
Centris 650                     II
Centris 660AV/Quadra 660AV      Cuda
Quadra 605/LC475/Perf. 475/476  Cuda
Quadra 610                      II
Quadra 610-DOS                  II
Quadra 630                      Cuda
Quadra 650                      II
Quadra 700                      II
Quadra 800                      II
Quadra 840AV                    Cuda
Quadra 900                      unknown
Quadra 950                      unknown
MacTV                           unknown