Subject: Re: 1.2-current machine status
To: Scott Lipcon <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/20/1996 14:51:41
> > Model    CPU    SC IV NV IE NE ADB SCSI FPU 32 Kernel Comments
> > -----  -------  -- -- -- -- -- --- ---- --- -- ------ -------------------
> > LCII   030/16   N  ?  ?  O  ?   Y   Y    O  Y
> > P400
> > P405
> > P430
> I have some questions about this entry.  First of all, how can Serial
> Console not be required, if there is no information available about the
> status of internal + nubus/pds video???  The way I see it, you either need
> a physical console, or a serial console.

Basically, what this means is that I know that it doesn't require a 
serial console, but no one has told me for sure whether internal or nubus 
video is the one that is working (or both).  However, I have a feeling 
that an LCII doesn't really have an option for any non-internal video 
(does anyone know if there is such a thing as a PDS video card???), so 
this column should probably have an O in it.

> Also - I have a plain old LC at home, which has been upgraded.  I forget
> the exact name of the card, but it is made by Daystar, and has a 16Mhz
> 030, and a FPU.  When I run MacOS, I don't have any extensions or anything
> to access the card, and all sorts of diagnostic type software just think
> that its an LC II with an FPU.  What is the likelyhood of this working
> with NetBSD?  I'm very excited to try last time I tried, it was my only
> computer, so I had to try to get it running off a 40Mb Syquest drive.
> Now, we have a powermac as well, so its simple to dump the LC's hard drive
> off to a folder on the powermac and do a total install.  

In a reply to a recent message about booting on a Q650, I posted 
instructions on testing a netbsd kernel on your machine (these 
instructions are also in the FAQ, I believe).  I'd recommend that you 
find a 1.2-current kernel, though, since the 1.2 release kernel does not 
include ADB support for your machine (or at least I don't think that it 
does).  So, please test a kernel and let us know the results.


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