Subject: Re: tcl/tk
To: None <>
From: Taras Ivanenko <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/17/1996 10:59:39
> Taras Ivanenko wrote:
> > 
> > I have redefined internal Tcl file
> > offset type and run grep for all functions that use it. Very ugly
> > task.
> > 
> I think I will do this, too.
> Maybe it would be easier, to grep for stat calls and then   \8-P
> store only the lower 32 bits of the size, since I don't     \8-P
> have files of that size?                                    \8-P

Watch also for tell() and seek() 

I have the following definition at the end of
tcl7.5/unix/tclUnixPort.h :

#ifdef NetBSD
#define off_t tcl_off_t
typedef int tcl_off_t;

I am not sure what was my idea at that time but it apparently works. I
did not look at tcl/NetBSD for a some time.

> What, if any, are the effects of running a colorkit X server on
> a black and white machine?

I guess there are no effects, it won't run.