Subject: Re: Further modem troubles, et al., and a Quantum question
To: Dan Jacobowitz <>
From: The Great Mr. Kurtz \[David A. Gatwood\] <davagatw@Mars.utm.edU>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/11/1996 17:24:29
On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Dan Jacobowitz wrote:

> Checking with fsck showed no problems, and I can still create files.  'df',
> however, shows me at 109% capacity, even though fewer blocks are marked
> used than are marked available.

This one always seems to surprise people....  :-)

Basically, NetBSD designates about ten percent of a partition's space as a
buffer zone so that the kernel can do such things as defragmenting the
partition and stuff.  Only root can use the extra space, and it's _highly_
discouraged to do so.  Your best bet would be to move stuff to
another partition to get that number down to 90 or so, 80 would be even
better.  (90 would really mean 9/11 or approx. 82% used, 80 would mean
8/11 or approx. 73% used.)  Regardless, in order for things to work
correctly, you _must_ drop it below 100% (realy 90% full or so.

Hope that helps,

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