Subject: Re: Re: FWB AUX Partitioning
To: , <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Chris Jacobson <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/11/1996 14:14:58
FWB>  I'm sorry but v2.0 doesn't support them either. Versions up to
FWB> and including  v1.7.7 supported A/UX 2.0 partitions but it was
FWB> my understanding that these were virtually useless to most people.
FWB> If you can make a persuasive case for why you need them I may be able
FWB>  to push the issue on software engineering.
FWB>  Joel McKinnon
FWB>  Technical Support Rep
FWB>  FWB Software LLC
FWB>  (

Well, that will gaurantee my NOT updating... A/UX partitioning is a 
necessity for NetBSD/mac68k, mkLinux, and the upcoming NetBSD/powerpc.  
FWB HDT was the only tool that provided not only as descent driver, but 
allowed me to partition AND RENAME partitions, along with selecting all 
the information.  While FWB HDT was the most useful hard drive tool on 
the market, with its lack of A/UX support in 2.0, it drops several 
notches in its usefulness.

Yes, at the time it was decided, A/UX 2.0 partitions may have been 
useless, but at that time mkLinux was not out and NetBSD/mac68k hadn't 
been as popular or supported on as many platforms as it is now.

- Chris Jacobson