Subject: Re: LCII & ADBTEST.160
To: geoffrey alexander <>
From: Benoit Boute <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/11/1996 10:03:04
> I've tested my LCII[Performa 400] with John W.'s ADBTEST.160 kernel
> under all memory configurations (4Meg, 8Meg, and 10Meg [12installed, 10
> usable]), and video depths up to 8bit, and it works beautifully out of
> the box with both 11 and recent 1.2 binaries.. No further configurations
> of the kernel are necessary. Using the non-fpu mathlib, it makes a
> complete LCII system. Thanks John!

Well, John's kernel is great. I managed using MacBSD on my Performa 400.
I'm now using the latest version of the generic kernel, provided by Bob
Nestor, which works also, thanks to Bob's work !

I've got a problem using my French AZERTY keyboard. Does anyone have a
solution so that I could type 'a' on my keyboard to get an 'a' and not a
'q' ?