Subject: Re: Book recommendation request
To: None <>
From: Kirk Boston \(bs ifsm\) <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/11/1996 10:11:14
On 10 Oct 1996, Doug Jones wrote:

> I've bought two books on UNIX (UNIX for Dummies & UNIX Power Tools) but
> neither cover such areas as creation of accounts, setting TCP/IP addresses,
> setting and use of SendMail, etc.  I would really appreciate it if someone
> would recommend books, web sites or other resources that cover these and
> other such system admin topics.
You might want to try and get "UNIX system administration handbook"
it is by nemeth, snyder, seebass, and hein.  It is probally one of the
best on the market and it goes through accounts, TCP/IP, Sendmail, network
setup, and lots more...

The nutshell books are also great books...

Kirk Boston, RCDD
The early worm has a death wish...