Subject: re: Screen stuff
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Douglas G. & Penny A. Corbett <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 10/05/1996 21:14:22
Alan Larson wrote:
>   Using a recent set of files (NetBSD 1.2 BETA...) I find that the
> terminal support on the console is substantially damaged compared
> to the 1.1 release.
>   Printing man pages gets many lines with underscoring misplaced, going
> to the left edge of the screen.  The screen height is not properly
> understood by more, and the screen is often left writing in reverse video
> mode.
>   /usr/bin/reset gets the error  tset:/usr/lib/tabset/vt100: no such file or directory.
>   Of course, the console is running as a VT220, so why did it look for vt100?
>   As I recall, the 1.1 release worked much better at this.
>         Alan

Please forgive the long story.

I had this problem also, the messed up Man pages and other problems,
when I switched from the 1.0 to a 1.2 beta copy. The first time I just
went back to a 1.0 install and used the 1.2 beta kernel with the 1.0
file system - not enought time to look for the problem.

The other day I did one of those dumb things that trashed my system and
had to reinstall so the problem came back when I installed the 1.2 beta.

I have traced it to the termcap or termcap.db file because the 1.2 beta
system, kernel and file system, works fine AFTER I replaced the termcap
and termcap.db of 1.2 with those from the 1.0 distribution. I still
haven't located the exact error in these files.

I use vt220 exclusively on a IIci. I do use dt. I haven't been able to
install X yet but I will keep on it until it surrenders.

Thanks to the group for all the help that I have gotten so far.