Subject: Re: MRG, ADB, serial console vs. PRAM time
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Hauke Fath <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 06/20/1996 23:21:01
At 9:49 Uhr 20.06.1996, Steven Carlson wrote:

>>The fuses you name are 0.5 A, and people even power 2.5" HDs with ADB
>>current. The HD motor does surely suck more peak current when starting up
>>than any kbd or mouse ever will.
>    I've never heard about this.  The ADB is way too slow to access a HD
>with.  I've heard of (very slow) ADB modems though.  One of the Apple TNs
>does say ADB devices can only use very little current.  (Can't rememver
>amount, sorry)


There are 'piggy back' 2.5" HDs that plug into the 25 pin SubD SCSI and
take their current from ADB.

Sorry if I haven't made that clear.


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