Subject: Re: Booting on Q630?
To: Jason Godfrey <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 05/25/1996 10:42:36
> Tonight (while I should have been studying) I decied to see how far the
> powerbook 550c kernal got through booting on my Performa 637. It got a lot
> farther then I expected. In fact, it stopped at :
>      ARGH!! No Boot Device???? Only support DISK device for Booting
>      changine root device to a
>      panic: cannot mount root
>      stopped at    _Debugger+0x6: unlk a6
> Since I was booting with the kernal on a MacOS side it couldn't go any
> farther then this. This leads me to wonder if NetBSD could run on the 630
> series with a SCSI drive and serial console. My main doubt is that the
> kernal displayed some info about ncrscsi not being configured. Is this the
> same thing that is stopping other 040's from working?

Basically.  The problem is not the ncrscsi driver, but the ncrscsi96
driver which is not written, yet.  Most '040 machines (with the apparent
exception of the PowerBooks) use the NCR53C96 chip for SCSI whereas the
earlier macs use the NCR5380.

> adb: Hardware Type (Cuda) not yet supported for this machine
> adb: adb support is disabled

You're also missing the ADB support (obviously).  Since the Cuda is
supported by OSF/MK, now, John might be looking at getting Cuda support
into his kernels...  If the Cuda in the {6,7,8}100 PowerMacs is the same
as the one in the 68k boxes...


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