Subject: Re: Compiling Pine Was: Etc...
To: Jason W. Fogt, WWC RCA <>
From: Scott Jann <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 02/03/1996 03:48:31
On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Jason W. Fogt, WWC RCA wrote:

> > Pine and pico are created using the same make.  Don't make BSD, make NBD 
> > I think or something that's obviously netbsd.  It does build with no 
> > problem.
> > 
> I tried compiling Pine and its related programs (the three letter code 
> build needs was neb), but Pine doesn't appear to be working happily on my 
> system.  It refuses to recognize any of the 3 configuration files, and 
> when I try to compose a message, it goes into "attach file" and then when 
> I try to exit that, it crashes shortly after.
> Someone mentioned that there was perhaps some patch that needed to be 
> made to the source.  Does anyone know of where I could find this, or even 
> any version of Pine that would work on my system ?

yes.. there is a patch.. that fixes the config file problem.. 

Scott Jann					 "Zoinks!" -Shaggy | | irc: MrBill

this file replaces pine3.91/pine/osdep/readfile

    Read whole file into memory

  Args: filename -- path name of file to read

  Result: Returns pointer to malloced memory with the contents of the file
          or NULL

This won't work very well if the file has NULLs in it and is mostly
intended for fairly small text files.
char *
    char *filename;
    int         fd;
    struct stat statbuf;
    char       *buf;
#ifdef __NetBSD__
    long       *size_p;

    fd = open(filename, O_RDONLY);
    if(fd < 0)
      return((char *)NULL);

    fstat(fd, &statbuf);

#ifdef __NetBSD__
    size_p = &statbuf.st_size;
    buf = fs_get(*size_p+1);
    buf = fs_get(statbuf.st_size + 1);

     * On some systems might have to loop here, if one read isn't guaranteed
     * to get the whole thing.
#ifdef __NetBSD__
    if(read(fd, buf, *size_p+1) != *size_p) {
    if(read(fd, buf, statbuf.st_size) != statbuf.st_size) {
        return((char *)NULL);

/*  buf[statbuf.st_size]= '\0';		/* PRG */
    buf[*size_p]= '\0';			/* PRG */