Subject: Re: Etc...
To: Ken Nakata <>
From: Jim Kortge <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 02/02/1996 15:03:27
At 8:26 AM 96/2/01, Ken Nakata wrote:
>> And, last :), can i compile anything (like GNU stuff) such as pine, pico,
>> screen, irc][, etc...Or do i need to do some editing to them?
>Most GNU programs compile on NetBSD/mac68k "Right Out Of The Box".
>I have the following GNU stuff installed:
>        bash 1.14.6, calc 2.02b (Emacs Calc), ghostview 1.5,
>        gnuplot 3.5, ghostscript 2.6.2, m4 1.4, screen 3.7.1,
>        texinfo 3.1, and of course GNU Emacs 19.28.
>These compiled with no sweat; either you "configure" with no argument
>at all, or you "make" with no argument.
>I don't know about pine and pico, but ircII wasn't a problem either.

I successfully compiled pine and pico last night using "build neb" -- a few
compiler warnings, but the binaries run fine.  The "neb" is for NetBSD

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