Subject: Administrivia
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/22/1996 12:16:08
This is a note to let y'all know my policies regarding bounced mail and
forced unsubscribes.

I get a bunch of bounced mail message every day from the port-mac68k
mailing list--these occur for a variety of reasons.  I will generally
ignore the first bunch of bounced messages for each address.  These
failures fall into several categories:
	* User unknown -- These bounce immediately back when mail is
			sent.  I will generally unsubscribe the
			offending address after a day or two.
	* Mailbox full or other local delivery problem -- This seems
			to be a perennial problem at aol, but I've
			noticed it happening elsewhere, too.  I will
			generally let these go for a while, but if
			I get bounces for a week or more, I'm liable
			to unsubscribe the address.
	* Host unavailable or unknown -- These are similar to the above
			local delivery problems except that NetBSD.ORG
			will automatically keep retrying for 5 days or
			so.  If I get more than a few of these bounced,
			I'll unsubscribe the address.
	* Misc -- handled individually.

This means that if your site is having network problems for an extended
period, I might very well unsubscribe you.  If you have a mailbox quota
and don't check mail for a while, I might very well unsubscribe you.  If
you are receiving mail from a SL/IP or PPP address and you don't/can't
call in for a while--or aren't connected when NetBSD.ORG attempts to
send the queued mail for you, I might very well unsubscribe you.  It's
nothing personal--it's not censorship or blacklisting--it's me trying
to keep from drowning in a sea of bounced mail.

You can check your subscription to the netbsd mailing lists by sending
mail with 'which username.'  This will return all of the lists to which
'username' is subscribed.

If you need help using majordomo for subscribing or unsubscribing from
the list, send an empty message

If you have any questions, please send me private E-mail--no reason to
keep it on the list.


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