Subject: How to dial modem?
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tim Schmidt <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 01/10/1996 22:23:50
Can anyone help me with dialing a modem and setting up a SLIP connection?

According to one of the files on the puma web site, you're supposed to do
"cu -l /dev/tty00 -s 9600" and then a modem init command and the dialing
command, and after logging in, use the slattach command.  However, as soon
as I do the cu command, my system crashes.

So instead, I tried the "tip" command.  I have this entry in /etc/remote:


When I type "tip osu" I simply get "link down".  Any idea what I'm doing
wrong?  And, once I dial out successfully, how do I set up the SLIP

And while I'm at it, I've seen a few people talk about scrolling.  What are
they referring to?  How does one scroll the screen in NetBSD?

(I'm running 1.1 on a 17M IIsi)

Thanks again for your time.

______ Tim Schmidt ______
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