Subject: Re: vx & asante ether
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: noud de brouwer <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/24/1995 06:35:34
>At 11:30 PM 95.12.23 +0100, noud de brouwer wrote:
>>*Asante MCNB REV. A with DP83902AV
>>on bootup it says:
>>ae0 at nubus0: address 00:00:94:60:71:40, type MacCon NuBus-A, 32 mem,
>>ae0: length does not match next packet pointer
>>ae0: len 0000 nlen ff00 start 0c first 00 curr 0f next 00 stop 80
>>ae0: NIC memory corrupt - Invalid packet length 65280
>>---and then the bootprocess stops---

>I don't know MacCon NuBus-A card, but I recommend you to try it again
>after zapping PRAM.
>Hope it helps,

Pitty, no.
And with the vram removed it sayes:

ae0 at nubus0: address 00:00:94:60:71:40, type MacCon NuBus-A, 32k mem,
slot_noinit() slot e
slot_noinit() slot e
some more
slot_noinit() slot e

Both, on netbsd11-scsifix-sercon and the one i just compiled from current
23 dec.

But when i put the Toby before the ether it boots. ;)'
Put in the 2d ether, Apple EtherTalk ethercard (long one) with DP8390BN,
and yes it's now booting with 2 cards inside.
Now lets see what serials do on a vx..