Subject: Re: Native boot [was Booter 1.8]
To: Rick C. Petty <>
From: Chris Mason <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 12/21/1995 10:28:27
>well, the desktop pattern is partly in the ROM, but the Finder doesn't
>really play with this at all.  But if you remove the finder, you remove
>all those important pieces of code, such as displaying finder suites,
>that may be important.  Plus, as Mr. Kurtz said, you lose the ability to
>load other applications.  Possibly, the ability to load and unload
>segments correctly as well...

All these capabilities are in ROM.  The finder uses them.  Segment loader,
process manager, all that's in ROM.  You would still have use of them even
if the finder wasn't there.  The finder's simply a glorified app.

Also, there is a ROM call to switch MMU modes.   Have a peek in IM V -- OS

PROCEDURE SwapMMUMode (VAR Mode:  Byte);
CONST false32b = 0; {24 bit}
      true32b = 1; {32 bit}

Will that solve the mapping problem??

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