Subject: Re: Continuing 1.1 woes on P600
To: None <port-mac68k@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alan Palmer <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 11/28/1995 10:34:02
Ok, I really ment SCSI, sorry for the confusion, I have no idea where serial came from.

As for disk specs, wanted by Paul Goyette:

sd1 is a Seagate 13200N SCSI-2 disk 2nd disk on chain, terminated with jumper on  
TE.  The SCSI controller is just the P600/IIvx internal SCSI controller, nothing special  
I'm not sure the specs on how much cache it has.  Spindle speed of the S13200N, no  
clue, I bought the drive second hand after 1 yr of use so its in good shape, never had  
problems with it besides this and I dont have the books for it.  SCSI ID 4 if it matters.

The other drive, SCSI id 2, is a Quantum LPS525S SCSI-2 drive from LaCie.  First  
drive on internal chain, NOT terminated at this point actually, and I've gotten 2  
answers if it should be, guess the question is, is the controller on the P600  
terminated?  I dont have any errors or performance degradation with out it  
terminated in MacOS or with the old scsi driver (damn, almost type serial again:) )

FSCK actually worked even when it had to do writes (ie correct block count in super  
block, a few inode counts off that were corrected, etc).  The plot thickens :).  But  
anything else after that that writes, ie save core, clearing tmp, etc causes errors.  I  
think I say a different set of errors last night, only the last 4 bytes were different, are  
those the 4 byte logical block number? if so its the same error, different place :)

Also, Allen is correct is stating that with the 1.1 kernel things are hosed, with the  
modified kernel he gave me things worked fine except save core error due to the fact I  
booted from /netbsd1.1a1 and /netbsd is a hard link to /netbsd11.

So, what's next? :) if you all need any more info just ask.

Alan Palmer <- prefered

std disclaimers apply since I'm writting from work.