Subject: Re: Calling-up, HFS, devices, FAQ...
To: Alexandre Enkerli <EnkerliA@ERE.UMontreal.CA>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 11/20/1995 21:44:29
> Well, I finally got to the right list? It would have been interesting to
> know that mabsd-general was moved...  ;-)

'twas announced on the list.  If you could point me to the out-of-date
reference you used to find macbsd-general, I will fix it...

> For further reference, my current system is a MacSE/30 5/105 running
> netbsd1.0 (should I install netbsd2.5?). I also have an external 730Mb

You should install netbsd 1.1 (the latest, greatest, and
not-quite-here-yet version).  The official word is that
it will be out in the next week.

> The first thing I can't do is using cu.

You'll need to substitute /dev/ser0 with /dev/tty00.

> The hfs utility is a cool thing. But it does a segmentation fault when I
> try to access my external drive. Does the fact that this drive is SCSI2
> change something?

Nope.  I can't tell you why it's failing.  It could probably stand
some work.  I have a (very basic) start on some code to make an hfs
filesystem that you could use to use 'cd' and 'ls' and 'cp' to access
files on the MacOS partitions.  Read-only, of course, until someone
figures out enough of the "reserved for finder use" fields to make
writing safe.

> Then, most of the info I've found about this project seems to be outdated.
> I know it takes time and everything but maybe you could update some of the
> info contained in the various FAQs, readme files and other doc.

Take a look at <URL:> for some
updated documentation.  I do need to get around to updating the ftp-able


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