Subject: Re: P600--SLIP routing / .../ X / ...
To: Derrick Hutchinson <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: port-mac68k
Date: 09/08/1995 08:55:03

> On a separate note, when I'm running X-windows, and an error message is 
> sent to the console, the error message gets written properly to the 
> xconsole, however it also gets written to the desktop which causes all of 
> the windows on the screen to scroll up and rather swiftly make the entire 
> display rather screwy looking--I restart twm to force everything to be 
> refreshed, but you can still see some parts of the desktop do not get 
> cleaned up--the problem is generated by timed complaining that there is 
> no network available (when I'm not dialed up).  Yeah, I know, kill off 
> timed,, but I just wanted to let you all know that there is a problem 
> here. :v)

Try running clear before running X. This doesn't solve the fact the
characters souldn't get printed, but at least they won't mess up the

> I also noticed a slight problem with desktop--or more correctly a problem 
> with my keyboard in conjunction with the keyboard that dt was compiled 
> with.  All of the special characters are mapped differently, such as the 
> tilde key is mapped to the right bracket and the ampersand is mapped to 
> the uparrow and the underscore is mapped to the forward-slash.  This was 
> all very funny when I was running dt, but when I exited dt the problem 
> followed me to my login shell--HA, HA, HA!!!  Of course this is all very 
> funny, but how might I correct this for an Apple Extended Keyboard II so 
> it doesn't drive me stark raving mad?!? :v{

Hmmm. The "problem" is that Valtteri, the dt port keeper, is Finnish.
Thus the default dt comes set up for the Finnish keyboard. Go into
config.h and comment out #define FI_LAYOUT. rm kbd.o & make. :-)

I don't understand why the problem followed you. Hmmm

Take care,