Subject: AV4100 and AV4300 mainboards available
To: None <>
From: salo <>
List: port-m88k
Date: 07/13/2001 13:05:24

as all of you already know (:)) i have two spare Data General AViiON machines
(AV4100 and AV4300), now available for free for anyone. shipping of this
machines will be extremely expensive because of their weight, but if someone
is interested in, i could send him mainboards or even with power supplies and
fdd controller and neccessary stuff (power switch/cables/etc.)

AV4300 - 1cpu, 8mb ram
AV4100 - 1cpu, no ram, seems to be broken, no output to serial console.. :(

please contact me if you are interested and i'll ship it within a week.


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