Subject: Re: Dolphin Triton/88
To: Matthew Hudson <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-m88k
Date: 07/03/2001 23:04:14
Hi !

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Matthew Hudson wrote:
> Do you know if this is a VME machine? Currently only OpenBSD is running
> on VME based 88k machines. If it isn't VME then its doubtful it will
> see any *BSD until we can round up several of them for coding purposes.
> I have an ever growing collection of Aviion systems with no support yet
> either (I've been running DG/UX on them).

I don't think this is a real VME bus. Maybe based on it, maybe 2 of the 4
backplane connectors are VME-based. I don't know. What i found out for now:

The power supply is capable of a load of 5V/180A, 12V/26A, 12V/3,5A. nice
values. This is the reason for the very strange power connector of these
machines. The other thing: It hat one 88100/25MHz and 4 PMMUs. The RAM (32MB)
consists of several hundred chips, which are really needed completely, so RAM
control will be a very big performance gain here. Every I/O card has it's own
68020 on it, so also here, the performance will be very nice.

But maybe... we need to write kernels for the I/O hardware, as i saw this on
the PCS Cadmus machines i have standing around.

For the Triton: I heard, only 250 of these were made, i have 2, and i just
checked it... they have the serial numbers 10124 and 10125, but i got them from
different sources... Seems to be very rare, really.

Currently... hacking the pinout of the RJ45 console connector :) But the beast
boots and talks to me, it just doesn't listen to me on the console...


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