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Re: m68k asm of AES

In article <x7mve243pq.wl%isaki%pastel-flower.jp@localhost>,
Tetsuya Isaki  <isaki%pastel-flower.jp@localhost> wrote:
>I wrote m68k asm version of AES encrypt/decrypt routines.
>It performs approx 1.4x faster than original one (C source)
>on my 68030.
>Last year, I first wrote it for openssl and then adjusted it
>to mbedTLS as well.  My twitter userstream client
>pkgsrc/net/sayaka uses this AES routine as a part of (locally
>bundled) mbedTLS.  I demonstrated it with my X68030/25MHz in
>Open Source Conference 2016 Hiroshima on last Nov.
># 25MHz is X68030's normal speed but I always use 30MHz.
>The details of this event was reported by ebijun@-san:
>However, I'm neither security man nor crypt man, so I don't
>know if this is appropriate or not.
>Is anyone interested in this?
>The patch is here:

Sure, why don't you commit it?


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