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Re: NetBSD-current on Quadra 610

Just a note to point out that -current after the optimization flag change
(http://mail-index.netbsd.org/port-m68k/2014/06/22/msg000488.html) works
fine on a Macintosh Quadra 610. It also works with Rob's patch to allow
128 meg SIMMs, which is how this machine has 260 megs of memory.

Does a kernel built with gcc 4.8 still have problem on mac68k?

I haven't seen any problems with a kernel compiled from 8-July sources even with weeks of compiling, and a netbsd-7 kernel and userland compiled from this morning at least boots and has been compiling for a few hours without problems.

I don't know whether USE_SSP=yes is default or not, but I haven't changed anything.


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