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Re: cross compiling on Amiga


IIRC the amiga and some other m68k ports also have a quite limited
virtual address space (to allow running SunOS/68k binaries?

This is not the case, if I recall right. The limitation is because the

1st-and 2ndlevel entries are limited to a fixed table - "just" an
implementation detail.

So, then are you saying that the problem is not with SunOS/68k binaries?

What would be the solution to fix this then?

Add a few hundred meg of ram.  and increase swap to 2gig.

There must be a another solution besides adding more ram, although it would be nice to go up to 192 Megs. You wouldn't happen to know where I can get 64 Meg fastpage simms?

I could use dd to create a 2 gig swap file and swapctl, but would this give me enough address space?


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