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Re: cross compiling on Amiga

Hi Frank,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my email!

On Jun 13, 2012, at 7:58 AM, Frank Wille wrote:

On Wed, 13 Jun 2012 04:56:44 -0400
Al Zick <al%familysafeinternet.com@localhost> wrote:

I would like to cross compile a macppc kernel with an Amiga 2000
with blizzard 2060. [...]

build/genattrtab /usr/src/tools/gcc/../../gnu/dist/gcc4/gcc/config/
rs6000/rs6000.md > tmp-attrtab.c
genattrtab in malloc(): error: brk(2) failed [internal error]

Out of memory. How much physical and virtual memory do you have?

I have 128 MB of ram and I setup 768MB of swap.

IIRC the amiga and some other m68k ports also have a quite limited
virtual address space (to allow running SunOS/68k binaries?). The memory
requirements for compiling gcc 4 are just too big.

I am using tcsh, so I did:
# unlimit
# ./build.sh -m macppc -O /usr/obj --T /usr/tools tools

I still get the same core dump. Is there any solution?


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