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Re: HP MMU in cesfic and next68k ports?

> AFAICT, both ports have many copy-n-paste sources.  Just remove it.
> (I wonder if we should also remove HP MMU support even from hp300...)

The HP bobcats with the HP MMU are also the more expandable and versatile
boxes, and the ones with the best DMA setup.  Actually a really nice DMA

The boxes without the HP MMU lack the expansion and I/O capability,
but do have a motorola MMU.   Some of the slower CPU HP MMU boxes are
a bit faster than the faster CPU ones because the HP MMU and DMA evens
out the performance.   If one is doing a lot of I/O, it kicked butt.
If one just does CPU intensive things and don't use the disk or I/O,
the faster CPU wins.

Bolo -- Josef T. Burger

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