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Freescale MCF5475 (really MCF54xx)

Greetings all.

Looking back over the last several months of the mailing
list archives, I see a couple of references to an attempt
to port NetBSD to the Coldfire CFV4e based processors.

Since these have an MMU, it ought to be possible to have
the full goodness of a protected mode OS running on them.

Is there anything to report for those of us who have
an interest in this processor?

Also, anybody looked at the newer, spiffier Coldfire
MFC5445X processors?  They look pretty nice too, especially
with the addition of an ATA controller and the ability
to have much larger memory configurations.  (I'm guessing
that the MMU is the same for these at the MFC54xx series

The MFC5445x evaluation board ships with U-Boot, which can
suck in tagged ELF binaries directly -- seems like it would be
a pretty nice place to develop stuff.

Thanks for any information.


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