Subject: Re: Fastest m68k box for bulk package builds
To: John Klos <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-m68k
Date: 09/24/2001 17:21:28
On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, John Klos wrote:

> > 	How often does the bulk-build complete? If its every couple of
> > 	months I'd be inclined to put up a link in each m68k port's
> > 	homepage, plus mail the m68k port lists. If its more than
> > 	every other month I'd probably cut down on the mail :)
> This is a guess, but then again anything that has to do with building
> timeframes seems to be a guess, but I'd say that there would be a cycle of
> major bulk build, minor updates (slightly newer versions, fixed packages);
> a major build from scratch is about 2 months, a minor a month.
> Perhaps a status page would be in order so that people can get an small
> occasional email telling them that it's been updated, so they can go
> look at the status page and see if what they're looking for has been
> built.
	Sounds reasonable - it should probably be coordinated across
	architectures so you could go to the same place for m68k, mips,

> WHat do you think?
	Maybe just something that generates a web page per category with
	a table of package-name vs arch+osrev, with an indicator of built,
	failed, not-for-this-arch, etc?

> > > I'm also working on building a 6 machine Quadra cluster for bulk builds.
> > > It's about half done.
> > >
> > 	Sounds interesting - are you using the pkgsrc bulk-build target
> > 	as a base?
> Yes; I've done some experimenting with two Quadras, that Amiga mentioned
> above, and NFS to see what kind of interaction the machines would have.
> I've also been talking with various people about implementing a database
> controlled build server that would track pkgsrc and all of the binaries
> for a particular architecture, so building can be distributed more loosely
> (ie, over the Internet using ssh where NFS isn't possible).
	That sounds very interesting, though pkgsrc version skews might
	start to become an issue.

> > > I intend to start another build soon. Are you interested in having
> > > specific things built?
> >
> > 	Not as such - just trying to see who is bulk-building and where
> > 	we may need to recruit more people. Are you able to run off some
> > 	1.4.x bulk-builds also?
> I can use the already set up nodes of the Quadra cluster to start a bulk
> build on 1.4.3, if this would help.
	More binary packages for releases are always a good thing :)

> I'll get started on that. For now, the Quadras will do 1.4, and the Amiga
> will do 1.5.

	Great - thanks!

		David/absolute		-- No hype required --