Subject: Re: LC040 revisited (again)
To: John <>
From: Roman Zippel <>
List: port-m68k
Date: 08/01/2001 02:27:00

John wrote:

> Ignatios has indicated that a soft-float library would need to be written
> for gcc in order to recompile the entire source tree with the -msoft-float
> option.
> Can anyone elabourate about details on where to get this? Has it been done
> for any other m68k (or m68k-like, such as Coldfire) gcc toolchain?

Actually gcc requires only some changes to build libgcc.a correctly to
use lb1sf68.asm (check t-m68kbare to get an idea for the needed

> Also, has anyone looked at Roman Zippel's work on getting m68k FPU
> emulation working properly? The last update is here:

BTW the most recent version is integrated into 2.4.

> I suppose at some point someone has to make a technical decision about
> whether FPU emulation on LC040s and LC060s will ever work; if not, then
> building a separate soft float compiled tree would be nice.

LC060 should be no problem, I did some testing with the 060 (as one can
turn of the fpu here). But the BSD emulator had some changes for the
040, but I didn't made them for my version (I never had a 040 for

bye, Roman