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Re: lunafb(4) improvement

isaki@ wrote:

> Hello, luna68k users,
> This patch improves lunafb(4) performance, using VRAM ROP feature.
>  http://www.pastel-flower.jp/~isaki/NetBSD/patch/lunafb-20220923.diff

I've tested your patch on my LUNA-II (68040) with 8bpp board
and it works fine. With quick tests scrolling color texts looks
~two times faster.

> Here are major TODOs and issues:
> - hwplanecount and rowattr[] should be stored in something like
>   ri->ri_hw or softc.  This needs moving om_hwdevconfig definition to
>   somewhere or reconstruction of lunafb.c and omrasops.c.
> - om{1,4}_copycols that is not frequently called should also be merged
>   in the future.
> - 8 bytes offset in OMFB_FB_[RW]ADDR definition should be removed.
>   It is used to make horizontal offset but should be achieved in a
>   different way.

As talked with you I have concern about a size of rowattr[43],
but I'll fix it (and other TODO items) later by myself, so
please commit your patch first.

Izumi Tsutsui

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