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Re: NWS netbooting

> I might be able to find the time to do that in the near future,
> since the sudden traffic prompted me to dust off my NWS.
> If someone else gets to writing it, here's another gotcha: NetBSD is
> hardcoded to assume the framebuffer will be set to 1024x768. You can
change it
> in the firmware: while booting, press escape; from the following menu
press F6.
> In my case, the only monitor I can spare for this box only does
640x480, and I
> got a screenful of garbage once the system bootstrapped. The quick
fix: Edit
> sys/arch/ibmnws/ibmnws/autoconf.c and change the
> calls to match what you have.
> I assume the correct fix would be to probe the hardware.

Hi Aaron,

Sadly, still not getting the emails in my inbox (despite being signed up
to the port-ibmnws 
list), so please excuse me manually quoting. 

Some success to report. You were right about using non-compressed
images. I have managed to get it to boot and am configuring it. Still
unchartered territory.

Here is the dmesg from a few minutes ago:

It doesn't seem to reboot, rather sits frozen. Anyway.. still
configuring and poking about trying to get my head on straight :)

Shall report back. Thanks thus far.


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