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Re: NWS netbooting

G'day Aaron,

> I've had the best luck using uncompressed kernels. Make sure you add
> the correct checksum with ncdcs(1): In NetBSD 5.0, the build system
> has a bug where the checksum isn't added. I haven't fired mine up in a
> while so that may still be the case in v6.

Ah ha! I didn't even know of the ncdcs util's existence. Reading the man
page it's usage seems pretty obvious ..thank you!

Hopefully the port maintainer will put an install-guide or something
with the distro. It's completely lacking anything and I didn't know I
had to do this. :)

Also.. do you know anything about the L2 cache models? Where to find
one, or what the part number is? I've a bare bones A53 with no cache, no
pcmcia and 64Mb RAM.

Thanks. Will report back tonight.


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