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RE: [crosspost] dropping support for ia64

>> As far as we have been able to establish, the only people that use
>> this arch and code are people that would hate to see it go, but don't
>> actually use it for anything other than checking whether it still
>> boots, and don't have the skills or bandwidth to step up and maintain
>> it upstream.
> Great, then let's drop it today, there is no need to wait until the end
> of the year as nothing is going to change then.

I think this also puts the existing stable and LTS trees in some interesting
state. After arch/ia64 is removed, there may be some tree-wide change
that gets backported to stable & LTS. That may break arch/ia64 in those
trees (e.g. because arguments to some common function are changed).

Maybe just deal with that if it happens ... and if anyone notices ... are there
automated builds and boot test for ia64 in those trees?


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