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Re: pkgsrc/wip/ski heads up.

On 11 June 2010 08:14, Cherry G. Mathew <cherry.g.mathew%gmail.com@localhost> 
> Hey Kiyohara,
> On 7 June 2010 10:58, KIYOHARA Takashi <kiyohara%kk.iij4u.or.jp@localhost> 
> wrote:
> ...
>>> kernel in years, so I'll see if it can be loaded and run by this
>>> native compiled ski.
>> What status is ski+GENERIC.SKI?
> ski seems to not grok ia64 elf anymore :-(
> I'm working on debugging this.
> GENERIC.SKI is not building.
> skiload (boot loader) is building with minor fixups.
> Makefiles need a bit of cleanup


Just to say that I checked in a few changes that allow ski to build
and run natively on NetBSD. ymmv. There's some wierd pty + exec()
stuff that I don't understand that is behaving oddly, but apart from
that, things seem to be ok for now.

I'd be grateful if you could have a play with wip/ski and see if it
works for you ?


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