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ask 'root device: ?'

Hi! all,

My zx6000 asks root device to me!!!

You can try to your IA-64 machine.

  1. Checkout current's sources at 20090615.

  2. Patch.

  3. Also you need possibly.

  4. Build your kernel and below the stand directory.

  5. Create image to /tmp/cd.img.
    # dd if=/dev/zero of=boot.img count=40960
    # vnconfig -c vnd0 boot.img
    # newfs_msdos -F 12 -S 512 -h 4 -o 0 -s 40960 -u 16 /dev/rvnd0d
    # mount -t msdos /dev/vnd0d /mnt
    # mkdir -p /mnt/efi/boot

    # cp /usr/src/sys/arch/ia64/compile/GENERIC/netbsd /mnt

    # cp /usr/src/sys/arch/ia64/stand/ia64/efi/loader.efi /mnt/
    # cp /usr/src/sys/arch/ia64/stand/ia64/efi/loader.efi /mnt/efi/boot

    # umount /mnt
    # vnconfig -u vnd0

    # mkisofs -b boot.img -no-emul-boot -r -J -V "NetBSD/ia64" -publisher \
          "The NetBSD Project" -o /tmp/cd.img ./boot.img

  6. Burn that to CD-R or RW.

However, still a lot of work remains in us.  ex. Timer, VM, PCI...

NetBSD/ia64 EFI boot, Revision 0.1
(lance%greed.sins.soum.co.jp@localhost, Thu Mar 26 20:50:27 JST 2009)

Type '?' for a list of commands, 'help' for more detailed help.
OK boot
|/3570136-\|/+99136+95832-\| [164952/+109611-]=0x3c3420
netbsd entry at 0xe000000004008000
Entering netbsd at 0xe000000004008000...
PAL Proc at 0xe00000003ff48010
SAL Proc at 0xe00000003fec21a0, GP at 0xe00000003fe00000
SAL: AP wake-up vector: 0xff
Platform clock frequency 200000000 Hz
Processor ratio 10/2, Bus ratio 1/1, ITC ratio 10/2
MD 0xe00000003e9cf0b0: type 4 pa 0x0 cnt 0x1
MD 0xe00000003e9cf0e0: type 7 pa 0x1000 cnt 0x9f
Loading descriptor 0xe00000003e9cf0e0: 0x1 / 0x28
MD 0xe00000003e9cf110: type 11 pa 0xa0000 cnt 0x20
MD 0xe00000003e9cf140: type 5 pa 0xc0000 cnt 0x40
MD 0xe00000003e9cf170: type 7 pa 0x100000 cnt 0x3e8cf
Descriptor 0xe00000003e9cf170 contains kernel
Loading chunk before kernel: 0x40 / 0x1000
Loading chunk after kernel: 0x10f2 / 0xfa73
MD 0xe00000003e9cf1a0: type 2 pa 0x3e9cf000 cnt 0x81
MD 0xe00000003e9cf1d0: type 1 pa 0x3ea50000 cnt 0x2c
MD 0xe00000003e9cf200: type 7 pa 0x3ea7c000 cnt 0x5b7
Loading descriptor 0xe00000003e9cf200: 0xfa9f / 0xfc0c
MD 0xe00000003e9cf230: type 4 pa 0x3f033000 cnt 0x449
MD 0xe00000003e9cf260: type 7 pa 0x3f47c000 cnt 0x312
Loading descriptor 0xe00000003e9cf260: 0xfd1f / 0xfde3
MD 0xe00000003e9cf290: type 3 pa 0x3f78e000 cnt 0x36
MD 0xe00000003e9cf2c0: type 5 pa 0x3f7c4000 cnt 0x3e
MD 0xe00000003e9cf2f0: type 3 pa 0x3f802000 cnt 0x7a
MD 0xe00000003e9cf320: type 7 pa 0x3f87c000 cnt 0x11
Loading descriptor 0xe00000003e9cf320: 0xfe1f / 0xfe23
MD 0xe00000003e9cf350: type 5 pa 0x3f88d000 cnt 0x6f
MD 0xe00000003e9cf380: type 7 pa 0x3f8fc000 cnt 0x149
Loading descriptor 0xe00000003e9cf380: 0xfe3f / 0xfe91
MD 0xe00000003e9cf3b0: type 6 pa 0x3fa45000 cnt 0x38
MD 0xe00000003e9cf3e0: type 5 pa 0x3fa7d000 cnt 0x37a
MD 0xe00000003e9cf410: type 9 pa 0x3fdf7000 cnt 0x9
MD 0xe00000003e9cf440: type 5 pa 0x3fe00000 cnt 0x140
MD 0xe00000003e9cf470: type 13 pa 0x3ff40000 cnt 0x40
MD 0xe00000003e9cf4a0: type 6 pa 0x3ff80000 cnt 0x80
MD 0xe00000003e9cf4d0: type 11 pa 0x80000000 cnt 0x7e000
MD 0xe00000003e9cf500: type 11 pa 0xfed00000 cnt 0x1300
MD 0xe00000003e9cf530: type 11 pa 0x80000000000 cnt 0x80000000
MD 0xe00000003e9cf560: type 12 pa 0x3fffffc000000 cnt 0x4000
ptc.e base=0x0, count1=1, count2=1, stride1=0x0, stride2=0x0
Processor supports 24 Region ID bits
Trying VHPT size 0x10000
VHPTPSM: size 0x10000 (npgs 0x4)
     lcv 0: avail_start 0x5, start 0x5, avail_end 0x28
             avail_end - avail_start = 0x23
Putting VHPT at 0xe000000000020000
vhpt base = e000000000020000 
vhpt size = 10000 
ia64_init: ci=0xe000000004377a60, ci_curlwp=0xe000000004355de0
Loaded initial symtab at 0xe00000000437fd18, strtab at 0xe0000000043a87f0, # 
entries 6851
CPU: McKinley (1000.00-Mhz Itanium 2)
  Origin = "GenuineIntel"  Revision = 7
  Features = 0x1
Detected memory  = 1060651008 (1011 MB)
Physical memory chunk(s):
0x0000000000018000 - 0x000000000001ffff, 32768 bytes (2 pages)
0x0000000000050000 - 0x000000000009ffff, 327680 bytes (20 pages)
0x0000000000a74000 - 0x0000000003ffffff, 56147968 bytes (3427 pages)
0x00000000043c8000 - 0x000000003e9cbfff, 979386368 bytes (59777 pages)
0x000000003ea7c000 - 0x000000003f02ffff, 5980160 bytes (365 pages)
0x000000003f47c000 - 0x000000003f78bfff, 3211264 bytes (196 pages)
0x000000003f87c000 - 0x000000003f88bfff, 65536 bytes (4 pages)
0x000000003f8fc000 - 0x000000003fa43fff, 1343488 bytes (82 pages)
Total number of segments: vm_nphysseg = 8 
avail memory = 997 MB
Warning: no FPSWA package supplied
Table 'FACP' at 0xe00000003fdfe330
Table 'SPCR' at 0xe00000003fdfe468
Table 'DBGP' at 0xe00000003fdfe4b8
Table 'APIC' at 0xe00000003fdfe578
        Local APIC address=0xfee00000
        Local APIC override entry
                Local APIC address=0xfee00000
        Local SAPIC entry
                ProcessorId=0x0, Id=0x0, Eid=0x0
        Local SAPIC entry
                ProcessorId=0x1, Id=0x1, Eid=0x0
        I/O SAPIC entry
                Id=0x0, InterruptBase=0x10, Address=0xfed20800
        I/O SAPIC entry
                Id=0x1, InterruptBase=0x1b, Address=0xfed22800
        I/O SAPIC entry
                Id=0x2, InterruptBase=0x26, Address=0xfed24800
        I/O SAPIC entry
                Id=0x3, InterruptBase=0x31, Address=0xfed26800
        I/O SAPIC entry
                Id=0x4, InterruptBase=0x3c, Address=0xfed28800
        I/O SAPIC entry
                Id=0x6, InterruptBase=0x47, Address=0xfed2c800
Table 'SPMI' at 0xe00000003fdfe4f0
Table 'CPEP' at 0xe00000003fdfe540
Table 'SSDT' at 0xe00000003fdfc680
Table 'SSDT' at 0xe00000003fdfc740
Table 'SSDT' at 0xe00000003fdfc970
Table 'SSDT' at 0xe00000003fdfcfe0
Table 'SSDT' at 0xe00000003fdfd650
Table 'SSDT' at 0xe00000003fdfdcc0
syscall_intern: not yet
timecounter: Timecounters tick every 10.000 msec
mainbus0 (root)
acpi0 at mainbus0: Intel ACPICA 20080321
acpi0: X/RSDT: OemId <    HP,  zx6000,00000000>, AslId <  HP,00000000>
ACPI Exception (evgpeblk-1300): AE_BAD_PARAMETER, Could not create GPE Block 0 
ACPI Exception (evgpeblk-1338): AE_BAD_PARAMETER, Could not create GPE Block 1 
acpi0: SCI interrupting at int 36
acpi0: fixed-feature power button present
acpi0: fixed-feature sleep button present
timecounter: Timecounter "ACPI-Safe" frequency 3579545 Hz quality 900
ACPI-Safe 32-bit timer
SBA0 (HWP0001) at acpi0 not configured
MI0 (IPI0001) at acpi0 not configured
PCI0 (HWP0002) at acpi0 not configured
PCI1 (HWP0002) at acpi0 not configured
com0 at acpi0 (SER0, PNP0501-0): mem 0xff5e0000-0xff5e0007 irq 34
com: ns16550a, working fifo
com0: console
com1 at acpi0 (SER1, PNP0501-65536): mem 0xff5e2000-0xff5e2007 irq 35
com1: ns16550a, working fifo
PCI2 (HWP0002) at acpi0 not configured
PCI3 (HWP0002) at acpi0 not configured
PCI4 (HWP0003) at acpi0 not configured
PCI6 (HWP0002) at acpi0 not configured
THM0 (ACPI Object Type 'Thermal' [0x0d]) at acpi0 not configured
timecounter: Timecounter "clockinterrupt" frequency 100 Hz quality 0
timecounter: Timecounter "ia64_timecounter" frequency 1000000000 Hz quality 100
rn_init: radix functions require max_keylen be set
syscall_intern: not yet
WARNING: can't figure what device matches "XXX"
root device: ?
use one of: ddb halt reboot
root device: ~

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