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Announce DDB:


I've been able to port FreeBSD's DDB ia64 backend to NetBSD's DDB
framework more or less satisfactorily. 


You can get the latest here:


The sys.*.gz files have the latest magic, and are in sync with today's
( 23rd Dec ) CVS.

Please note that there is a slight ABI breaking change in

Its available here:

I have also filed a PR: kern/32359 to get other ports in sync with this.
See: http://www.netbsd.org/cgi-bin/query-pr-single.pl?number=32359


You can use the following reliably:

show registers

Break addresses are best used at VLIW boundaries. "Slots" within VLIW
bundles are addressed with address + slot no.
eg: break pmap_init+0x1
breaks at slot1, of the first bundle at pmap_init.

I'm going to start using DDB to start fiddling around with the pmap
module to get it to work. I'll make improvments to the code ( and
cleanups :-) ) on an as needs basis.

I want to thank Sunil and Mahiti.org for their kind permission to use
their facilities for this project. Thank you for supporting NetBSD!!!

Do send in your comments.

Have Fun, and Merry Christmas!!



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