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Re: archives of binary packages

Cédric Devillers <cedric.devillers%script.univ-paris-diderot.fr@localhost> writes:

> could you tell me if an FTP server exists with binary package archives for
> older versions of NetBSD? On the main FTP site, there are only packages for
> NetBSD versions 7, 8 and 9.

I don't think we have older versions.  packages are big and there is
limited space.

Packages for e.g. NetBSD 6 also would be only for older pkgsrc branches,
as we stopped builds for NetBSD 6 when 8 was released.

You can either try to build current pkgsrc on older machines, which if
you don't need things written in C++ and especially Rust or Haskell is
likely to mostly work.  You can also check out pkgsrc from older
branches and build that.

Of course, the standard adviceis to update your NetBSD system to a
supported version.  Today that means 7 or 8, and 9 is happening soon
enough that I would advise 8.

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