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Re: Patch for boot loader: "menu" command

Le 25/07/2013 14:24, Havard Eidnes a écrit :

with NetBSD 5.1, the install kernel needs to be booted with a
kernel module loaded (the miniroot kernel module).

This means that any installation attempts following this old
avenue will FAIL from this point forward:

 * dropping to the boot prompt
 * switch to serial console
 * resuming boot with just "boot"

which used to work just fine in the past, but will now fail
spectacularly, first with a warning about missing /dev/console
and subsequently with no ability to exec /sbin/init, and with
only "reboot" as the remaining option.

Now, there are probably several ways to go around mending this.
Some of them are:

1) provide a way to display the contents of boot.cfg (but need to
   prevent showing the "contents of /netbsd"...)
2) provide a way to recall and edit one of the boot commands from
   boot.cfg (sounds complicated, and more than I intended to chew
   off in this round)
3) provide a way to re-enter the boot menu you dropped from in
   the first step in the procedure above, and then allow to
   select one of the boot methods already specified in boot.cfg

Thanks for this command :) I support 3). This happened to me in the past and it was quite frustrating.

1) can be painful, especially when you have very long lines (Xen entry).

2) reads like a full fledged bootloader like Grub or uboot. Too complicated for its original purpose.


Jean-Yves Migeon

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