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Re: x86/include/cacheinfo.h

In article <51E62CAD.5030709%execsw.org@localhost>,
Masanobu SAITOH  <msaitoh%execsw.org@localhost> wrote:
> While I'm checking Intel's document, I found some bugs in cacheinfo.h.
>The file includes INTEL_CACHE_INFO macro. The values in the macro are
>described in "Table 3-22 Encoding of CPUID Leaf 2 Descriptors, Intel 64
>and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's Manual Vol. 2A." 
> For the entry of 0x0d, cai_linesize is wrong but the value is not
>used in kernel if my understanding is correct.
> For the entry of 0xeb, cai_totalsize is wrong and the value is used
>for the page coloring. Does this bug cause a serious problem?
> I'm sorry that I'm not familiar with x86 :(

I don't know, but file a PR so that it does not get lost!


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