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Re: i386 MP default configuration support

In article <51A65AE7.9070307%gmail.com@localhost>,
Felix Deichmann  <m4j0rd0m0%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
>sorry for double-posting, I don't know where it belongs to:
>I have added i386 MP default configurations to finally have my 
>Siemens-Nixdorf PCD-5T supported. It is a dual Pentium system with EISA 
>+ PCI (i. e. default configuration 6). dmesg appended, the system seems 
>stable, at least with the current PCI cards.
>Please find a patch against mpbios.c rev. 1.60 and a patched NetBSD/i386 
>6.1 GENERIC kernel with mp_verbose enabled at
>     http://www.flxd.de/netbsd/mp_dflt_cfg/
>Testers are welcome, especially for the supposedly more common default 
>configuration 5 (ISA + PCI). I don't even know if the MCA variants 
>existed as real products, but the 486 MP systems seem very rare, too 
>(and had discrete local APICs and I/O APIC which might be unsupported at 
>the moment anyway).
>This is my first "commit" :), so I appreciate all feedback and advice 
>for possible next steps.

Looks good to me. I would call for testers but I am not sure that
there are many such machines around. Does not hurt to ask though.

Nicely done,


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