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FFSv2 vs FFSv1

I noticed that 6.0.1's sysinst uses FFSv2 for the / file system, even on a 20 GB disk.

Is it true that FFSv2 is needed for WAPBL?

Is there a Web page or document somewhere that details the differences between FFSv1 and FFSv2?

I suppose references to FFSv1 in The Guide Chapter 16. NetBSD RAIDframe should be replaced with FFSv2, such as in 16.3.6:

Next, format the newly created / partition as a 4.2BSD FFSv2 File System:

# newfs -O 2 /dev/rraid0a

and 16.3.7 should say to install the FFSv2 boot loader:

On i386, install the boot loader into /dev/rwd1a:

# /usr/sbin/installboot -o timeout=30 -v /dev/rwd1a /usr/mdec/bootxx_ffsv2


What's the most convenient way of seeing if an existing partition is FFSv1 or v2?


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