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Recent vr change

I am curious if anyone else is seeing flakiness on vr interfaces.  So
far, I am unclear if this is Soekris specific.  (Yes, I really did put
in a cron job to reboot the machine every 5 minutes.)

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Greg Troxel <gdt%work.lexort.com@localhost> writes:

I posted about a net5501 newly running netbsd-6 with

>   sys/dev/pci/if_vr.c                             1.112 via patch
>         Reset the vr(4) chip if the tx engine gets stuck.  No need to
>         do a full reset when enabling/disabling promiscuous mode.
>         [taca, ticket #783]

and had said:

>   booting from applying power worked fine
>   rebooting led to the system being up but vr0 being nonfunctional
>   on the up/no-vr0 system, running tcpdump printed a message:
>     vr0: using force reset command.
>   and then it worked ok.

I did 33 reboots, and got 4 vr0 wedges.  Closer inpsection makes me
think that the ethernet is receiving packets fine.  The system records
that packets are being sent fine (opkts, no oerrs), but they don't seem
to actually go out.  If I do 'tcpdump -n -p -i vr0' (to avoid toggling
promiscuous mode), I can see incoming packets.  If I do 'ifconfig vr0
down;ifconfig vr0 up', I get

Feb 27 14:50:12 hostname /netbsd: vr0: using force reset command.

and it recovers.  Using tcpdump without -p also forces a reset.

It's been pointed out to be that the OpenBSD driver has a number of
improvements, so I'll look at this, but it seems the chip is in a
special out-to-lunch mode where tx packet processing falsely appears to

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