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Re: Can't upgrade RAIDframe system -- won't boot from CD

>> Is there a way to use sysinst on the NetBSD/i386 6.0.1 installation
>> CD to upgrade a NetBSD/i386 machine with its system on a RAIDframe
>> partition?  When I try it initially boots from the CD, but then
>> switches to the system on the hard disks and boots into multi-user
>> mode.
> IIRC you might have to suspend sysinst to get the RF setup, then it
> should appear in the list of disks.

As I read it, the problem is that sysinst isn't starting, because an
autoconfigured raidframe root is yanking / away from the installer's /
to the installed system.  This does mean the installed system is
running with the installer kernel, but apparently that works well
enough to boot; in any case, if it prevents the installer from running,
something's a bit broken.

Maybe there needs to be an RF_SUPPRESS_AUTOCONFIGURED_ROOT option
(though probably spelled more briefly :) which installer kernels use.

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