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Re: NetBSD-5, snapshot or head?

>   The NetBSD 5.1 release is 1 year old. What iso do you
>   advise to install for a new system, NetBSD-5,
>   daily snapshot or head?
> In my view there are two reasonable approaches
>   recent "netbsd-5" branch, which shows up as 5.1_STABLE.  This will be
>   missing lots of things in current, but is highly likely to be very
>   stable.
>   -current.   This, which it builds, is usually ok, and has lots of
>   things fixed, lots of new features, but it's a little scarier.

Thank you for this info. I installed -current.

> Things I would avoid
>   NetBSD 5.1 release (old, netbsd-5 tip is better)
>   netbsd-5-1 branch (unless you know that it works for you and you value
>   stability above all else - which is what it's for).  But you  didn't
>   say you are running a bank webserver.

lol, I got it :)

All the best,

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